Impossible Quiz 5 – Book Chapter III

To the lovers of Impossible Quiz game series, the Impossible Quiz 5 is one instalment that you can’t afford to avoid. The Impossible Quiz game series is a game which focuses on several questions and answers. Luckily enough, the fifth question is the first of its own kind in the series to include the maze questions. With this 5th instalment, the experiences with playing the Impossible Quiz games just got better and it presents the player with different tools, difficulty levels and safe questions. Here is a complete Impossible Quiz 5:

Chapter 3

Instructions of the Game

The rules for playing this game are pretty straightforward and simple:

– The screen normally indicates a red dot where you’ll move your cursor.

– Moving your cursor to the dot initiates the appearance of the maze followed with a message that reads, “Now Do Not Touch Blue.”

– Additionally, a sad and happy face appears where time the arrow points to the start buttons and goal respectively.

– To play, you should move your mouse over to the dot on the right hand side of the screen while leaving blue parts untouched.

– Notably, this game allows a player to move to just two circular spaces which are indicated by the red dots on the sides of the screen. Unfortunately, blue parts of the screen normally surround the circular areas which makes crossing over them to become a challenge.

– For this reason, you should always ensure that you move your mouse pointer off the screen since the screen boundary normally connects with free spaces that a player uses to move to the other red parts of the screen.

– Once off this screen, move your cursor, move round the maze so as to enter the 2nd dot’s space. The space that contains the red dots also connects to the edge of the screen.

– Once you’ve reached the red dot, you should click on the dot to play.

– When one follows these instructions carefully, then playing the Impossible Quiz 5 becomes very easy as difficulty level increases.

Controls of the Game

Apparently, the player can use simple game controls when playing Impossible Quiz 5. The following are the controls for playing this game:

– A game console: The game controller is used to move quickly over the blue parts while following the instructions

– A mouse cursor/ pointer: The movements of the cursor on the game’s screen have also been integrated so as to play the game even without using a game console.

– Keyboard commands: Using the keyboard combinations usually make it quite simple to play to this game. For example, one can opt to use the ctrl + shift + 4 to move to the maze and also toggle between red dots.

Impossible Quiz 5

Final verdict

Undeniably, Impossible Quiz 5 is the most interesting game of all the Impossible Quiz series of games. Get this game and you’ll surely enjoy the fun associated with playing questions and then answers games.

SSF2 – All your favorite characters in one game!

SSF2 - All your favorite characters in one game!So whenever someone talks about fighting online games first thing what comes to my mind is Super Smash Flash 2. Usually, when you see flash games you expect to see simple one player mode game with dull fighting scenes and basic moves, well SSF2 is not this case, it is totally whole new concept with four(!) player mode, you can either play it with you friends or you can choose PC as your opponent. One way or another game promises to be outstanding and full of action.

Attack moves
Now, possibility of multiplayer is already a huge thing for flash game, but it is not all, after starting your game you will notice how many different moves each character has and also there are combo moves which bring epic fighting scenarios. It will take you a while to understand full potential of your character and how to play it correctly, but once you do you will be addicted to this game and its complexity and depth.

Now I have told you about two things already, first it is multiplayer option of Super Smash Flash 2 and the second amazing attack/combo moves of the game. Third great option is variety and the amount of the characters (30+!). Each character has its own unique attack abilities and combo moves, I love the fact that these characters where take from popular TV shows, anime shows or games. You will be able to play here with Naruto, Pikachu, Mario and many more. I guess one of the main reasons why this game is so popular is its characters, you just can’t leave this game without attention since it may has your favorite character in it.

Other details of SSF2
Controls of the game are simple and easy to use, in case you want to use your own keys, feel free to check settings section of the game and edit them there.

There are also lot of SSF2 guides out there where you can find interesting articles/videos regarding this game, pro players make such a mind blowing attacks and combos with high speed you will just lose your mind when you’ll see it.

Download for Linux/Windows
You can also download Super Smash Flash 2 on your PC and play it in offline mode (This is very handy option if you don’t want to wait for loading screen), I personally visit, they have online version of the game as well as download page where you can download Super Smash Flash 2 on your PC (Linux/Windows supported versions are available).

What else can I tell you? Game is just amazing, millions of players enjoy it every day, as a hard core gamer I highly recommend you to check this game out.

Zombie Nation, Party vs the Z.

So you’re interested in playing the best co-op zombie games currently available? Well I’ve got a few of them you’ll most certainly enjoy! First and foremost, you’re going to want to have your friends ready to create memories you’ll never forget. Games like Left for Dead 2 (L4D2), Dead Island and H1Z1 will keep you occupied for hundreds of hours, literally.

Left for Dead 2, Although it’s become a bit of an older game now, has an amazing community of players that welcome even the newest of players! I personally rate this to be one of the best co-op zombie games because of the story! It has an amazing story that’s enveloping and allows you to enjoy even the scariest moments.In L4D2 you’re with a party of people and your goal is to progress through checkpoints to complete the campaigns. They can be long and difficult, so make sure your friends are ready to cover you. You’ll encounter so many different types of zombies, from screaming Witches to exploding Boomers.This is one of the most enjoyable Zombie games that I’ve sunk many hours into and i would certainly suggest it.
Zombie Nation, Party vs the Z.
Dead Island Franchise. The Dead Island Franchise have many games released currently, all of which are extremely enjoyable to play with friends! Ever wanted to customize weapons and charge into a horde of zombies, all while trying to save your friend? Well this game could be the one you’re looking for! The amount of freedom in this game allows you to roam about and do as you wish, kill how you wish and stop when ever you feel like you’ve massacred enough, or you could follow the story and try and find a way off of the Island with the other survivors, which you can also play as!The online community is still active and blooming! Which is great, if your friends are unavailable for a while you can always group up with some of the experienced online players! I’m sure they could teach you a thing or two!

H1Z1 Out of the games listed so far this is the only one that isn’t cross platform, yet! With announced PS4 released this’ll be much easier to acces and enjoy!H1Z1 is an openworld sanbox in which you, and your friends, can fight off hordes of zombies as well as other players! Battling for the resources you need to not only survive, but to build your base and weapons! This game isn’t story driven, but with all of the commotion happening you’ll be in a constant fright to survive!With this game being a more recent release it doesn’t have the largest community, but the community that does play it are dedicated to enjoying it. Also with the PS4 announcement this game is certainly going to see a lot of work being put into it. If you’re looking for a difficult time and some real memories with your friends then i would certainly suggest this game.

How to play Happy Wheels

There are quirky online games and then there is Happy Wheels, a silly game whose simplicity belies its addictive nature. Playing, and learning to play happy wheels, is a relatively simple process, so long as you have internet access and time to kill.

play happy wheelsHow to play Happy Wheels

-The Website:

Before worrying about learning to play Happy Wheels, you will need to visit the official website to access the game; there are various demos on offer that can provide you with a taste of all the cartoon violence and exploding bodies in store.

-The game:

You are going to have a lot of fun watching your character get thrown about in this surprisingly violent pastime. Once you access the game, you need only click the ‘Play Now’ button to begin your encounter with happy wheels. You can also take the time to peruse the instructions or change the controls in the settings.

-The controls:

You will use the arrow keys to accelerate, brake, reverse; lean back and lean forwards. These controls will prove useful when maneuvering two wheeled vehicles through obstacles. Space bar, shift and control will allow you to access a variety of special abilities dependent on the character you are using and the level in question. For example, with Wheel chair guy, shift and control will rotate the jet while spacebar fires. You ability to learn your character’s special abilities will impact how easily you maneuver the different levels.

-The Levels:

You will need to understand the levels in order to beat them. Some levels are obstacle courses, availing wrecking balls, giant spiders and gravity wells designed to test your skills. Others force you to plunge down a cliff as you contend against all the corpses and umbrellas raining down upon you. While most levels provide a finish line you are free to explore.


You need to remember that characters in this game only die when they lose their heads or torsos. Lost limbs mean very little. The fact that you are losing gallons of blood or have no limbs shouldn’t stop you from advancing.

happy wheels logo


There are levels that will force you to leave your vehicle behind and either walk or crawl. In such cases, shift and control will help you to move you arms and legs. The manner in which the different characters operate will vary, though most tend to flop about like fish.

To get the most out of Happy Wheels do not be afraid to explore; take advantage of the Browse Levels’ option in the main menu to locate non feature levels. Users are always adding new levels to the game.

ESPN’s “Return Man” Games

Can you race down the field to score a touchdown without being tackled? Test your skills and use your special moves in these football flash games from ESPN Arcade. Think you’ve had enough after beating the first game? Think again: the popular series comprises 6 games, each with more features than the last. Starting with Return Man 2, your progress is saved, allowing you to return to your game after the boss is done looking over your shoulder. Return Man 2: Mud Bowl brings 15 more stages to the game, while Return Man 2: ZOMBIES! lets you fight your way down the field through hoards of zombies to make a touchdown.

New to Return Man 3 are Cleats, which prevent you from slipping on ice and in mud, as well as the addition of 5 more special moves. Also, defenders may strip you of the ball, which you can pick up (if you’re quick enough!). Taking longer to reach the end zone and using special moves will deduct points. Return Man 3: The Season introduces new content from ESPN every Monday, with special moves changing each week, as well as Visors, which reduce fog.

The game and its sequels and expansions are highly re-playable, and have gained ratings of at least 9/10 by users. Can you make it onto the leaderboard? Chances are, you’ll find yourself trying, as these football games are simple to pick up yet addicting to play.


The controls for the first Return Man game are simple: use I, J, and L to move Forward, Left, and Right – you cannot move backwards. Unlock special moves and use one per play with the A, S, and D keys. Look for the lightning bolts – they’ll help you run faster, and gain bonus points!

In Return Man 2 and its expansions, you must catch the ball first before making the play. If you do not make the catch, you can pick up the ball and run down the field. Like the first game, use the I, J, and L keys to move your player, although you may now use the K key to move backwards. Use the A, S, and D keys to perform your special moves. In ZOMBIES!, you may use the arrow keys to move the player as well.

ESPN’s “Return Man” GamesThird part of Return man allows you to change the controls in the Settings menu, but by default they are the same as the previous games. In The Season, you can use W, S, A, and D to control your player.